Floating high Rope Park Equipment

Floating structure - no connections in the water between poles - super safe

  • The structure is offered in a prefabricated. self-construction package or is built by our recognised partners.  
  • A complete construction kit for the construction of a standard prefab. high rope park. Package includes maps, manuals, etc....... Package only exists for the standard poles.
  • The Structure is built to be used without a safety line in Spring, Summer and Fall.
  • Only lifejacket, helmet and wetsuit for water below 18°C
  • The structure is also built to be used with a safety line!
  • Double function on the same construction.
  • When winter kills your fingers and it's not pleasant to fall into the water, the continuous belay system keeps you warm, safe and secure when falling.
  • Made to be used with the continuous SAFEROLLER or SPEEDRUNNER belay system.  (more info: www.kanopeo.com)
  • When used without a lifeline, it's a challenging activity that make falling possible!!! surprise
  • It's not a Ninya run angel
  • It's a challenge to overcome the obstacles without falling.
  • The level of difficulty of the obstacles is therfore "not" extra high.
  • You don't have to be a Super Being to overcome obstacles.
  • It's just that pieces are simply missing in the obstacles, which means that............. you just needs a litte bit more of balance ........... to go on.
  • No balance is swimming.

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